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6 things we want to see in an Atomic Blonde sequel



Atomic Blonde was one of my most anticipated movies of 2017. It was also one of the rare examples of a movie that delivered on exactly what I felt was promised by the trailer.

I plopped down into my theater seat demanding to see nothing more than Charlize Theron punching her way across 1980s Berlin while kissing girls, and looking good doing it. And since I got that, I now understand that I seemingly have the power to literally manifest my own perfect Atomic Blonde movies. With that in mind, and with a sequel on the horizon, here are just a few things I hope to see in the next one.

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A simpler plot

Atomic Blonde managed to pull off a series of intricate plot twists and double crosses, but just barely. There are certainly a few internet videos dedicated to breaking down exactly what was going on, and the fact that they don’t all agree hints that the movie was a wee bit of a mess. As someone who doesn’t mind a few plot holes now and again or need every detail explained to her, I was still pretty on board with all the twists. But this feels like a one-and-done sort of trick. Don’t try to out-convolute the story—the big reveal at the end of the first movie should be Lorraine putting her cards on the table for the audience, and the sequel should be her and us against the world. There are other spy movie plot standards to play with.

It’s also very possible her name won’t even be Lorraine anymore in the sequel since that was an alias, but we’ll let lt lie there for now for simplicity’s sake.

Keep it in the ‘80s

One of the things that made Atomic Blonde so fun was its ability to work as a mostly low-tech spy thriller. In an age where everything a spy carries has wi-fi and contains more tech than the newest iPhone, Atomic Blonde’s analog approach to espionage was a very welcome throwback and helped raise the stakes for Lorraine and her mission. Plus it means you’re gonna have a kickass soundtrack.

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